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NCSU Police Issue Crime Alert After Recent Attacks

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RALEIGH — N.C. State is normally a pretty safe place, but occasionally there will be some sort of violent crime on campus. It then becomes the responsibility of the university police to make the students aware of any danger.

Shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday, a student was attacked on Morrill Drive by two men armed with guns. The suspects made the student lie on the ground, stole his money and fired a shot into the air. A similar robbery took place on Monday a short distance away.

"We're going to do the necessary actions, increase patrols, whatever it takes to help catch these people or to keep them from coming on campus," said Sgt. Larry Ellis.

Just 12 hours after the attack, fliers went up on campus warning students, e-mail went out and everyone had a message waiting for them on voice mail.

"I heard my voice mail, and they're trying real hard to let everybody know it," explained student James Moore.

Ellis says N.C. State is a 24-hour university, and the students just have to take some simple precautions to keep themselves safe.

"The number one thing that I believe people have to do is be aware of your surroundings," Ellis emphasized. "That is the key."

"This may sound stupid, but I check bushes before I go by them that kind of thing," said student Amy Rayburn. "I make sure it's a lit area and that there are other people, and I always walk with someone else. I never walk alone."

Sgt. Ellis says to just use common sense. No suspects have been named in the robberies, but police believe they are related.


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