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Color-Coded Districts To Help Downtown Raleigh Visitors

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RALEIGH, N.C. — At first look, Downtown Raleigh's new logo does not seem to make much sense. But, there is a reason behind the multi-colored design.
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    Downtown Raleigh Alliance

    It is actually a map of the city's new redistricted downtown.


    Downtown Raleigh Alliance

    unveiled the new concept for downtown on Thursday, which divides downtown into five districts.

    "We have Glenwood South, the Capital District, the Moore Square District, Fayetteville Street and the Warehouse District" said Downtown Raleigh Alliance President Nancy Hormann.

    Each district will be identified with a different color. For example, Fayetteville Street is represented by purple, to suggest royalty as the main street.

    "The whole purpose is to demonstrate we have something for everyone downtown," Hormann said. "Downtown is greater than the whole. It's all pieces put together to make the whole."

    Along with a new logo and new color system, new colorful directories will replace old ones and colored banners will fly to help downtown visitors identify which district they are in.

    "It's a way to find your way downtown," said business owner Tracy Farmer, who says people always get lost trying to find her salon.

    Farmer thinks color coordination can really help.

    "We have these terms inside the Beltline to identify where we are, but people outside the Beltline have no idea what we are talking about," Farmer said. "I think (redistricting downtown) will make it more universal for everyone in the area."

    City leaders, however, say the redistricting is not just for visitors, but to let everyone understand all the elements of downtown.


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