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Legislators Taking a Look at DMV Information Selling

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RALEIGH — Drivers all over the Triangle are still in an uproar over Division of Motor Vehicle plans to sell their personal information to bulk mailers. The DMV has delayed those plans and now, state lawmakers are taking action.

It seems the public's voice has been heard on this issue. Tuesday, DMV officials delayed for a week the planned release of citizens' personal records to marketing companies willing to pay top dollar for them.

Now, after taking calls from concerned citizens, members of the General Assembly have decided to add a provision to the budget bill that will prevent marketing companies from buying those DMV records for a full year.

"We need a cooling off period, if you will," said Rep. David Redwine (D, Brunswick Co). "And the amendment said that we would hold everything until July of 1999. The General Assembly will have a little bit of time to re-evaluate the process, to determine what we want to do, and give DMV enough time to notify the people of the state."

It was Redwine who introduced the amendment. He hinted that there might be a permanent change coming regarding the sale of private records.

"I think there's enough interest up here. People have been coming up to me all day and saying 'Great amendment'. So I think you'll see some change in the policy of the state on this issue," said Redwine.

Lawmakers wasted no time on this issue. The amendment was added Tuesday night, prompted by a long day full of calls from constituents.

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