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Female Officer Claims Air Force Has a Double Standard

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SEYMOUR JOHNSON — The Air Force says it's a case about sex and fraternization. The woman accused, says it's really about sexual discrimination and double standards.

First Lt. Eva Logsdon believes she's facing a possible court-martial and jail time, because of a double standard in the Air Force.

She's accused of having an affair with an enlisted airman then lying about it under oath to cover it up.

"I was shocked," Logsdon said. "I didn't understand why all of a sudden they were finding things to paint me as a criminal."

Logsdon admits to the affair, but in a closed door hearing Monday, her attorneys prepared to claim that some male airmen routinely get away with the same type of behavior.

They say an all male group of aviators called the Command Barstoolers is infamous for drunken, sexually charged parties off base but never gets in trouble.

"They go to these types of parties. They have a good time, as they say, with enlisted women," said Logsdon.

"The senior leaders of Seymour Johnson are not members of the Barstoolers, and they never have been and probably never will be," said Captain Brenda Campbell, base spokesperson.

The base officials acknowledge that the Barstoolers club exists nationally but insists it is not endorsed or condoned by the Air Force. And the club does not have any say in how the base is operated.

"The Command Barstoolers Association has never and never will play any kind of role in decision-making on an Air Force base," Campbell said.

The defense is taking the Barstoolers Association seriously.

Monday, the lead defense attorney stood up in court and asked the judge if he was a member of the Barstoolers Association. The investigating officer said he had never heard of the association.