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U.S. Postal Service Sends Inspectors for Cumberland Robbery

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FAYETTEVILLE — A hefty reward is being offered for the capture of a robbery suspect in Cumberland County.

Federal investigators are looking for a man who ripped off a post office, which is a federal offense. Investigators are offering a $10,000 reward to whoever helps them wrap up the case.

Only one person was in the office when the robber came in. It was closing time at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon when a man put a gun to the head of postal clerk Pat Fisher.

Fisher was bound, gagged and left in a back room while the robber took cash, money orders and a money order machine.

"The money order numbers that have been stolen were put out to the local post offices and other merchants around to be on the lookout for," Postal Inspector Morris Roberson said.

The suspect is a white male about five feet eight inches tall with a grey or black beard. He was wearing a green shirt and Green Bay Packer baseball cap, and may be driving a brown or black foreign car.

"It's a very serious federal offense, up to 25 years sentence in federal prison, and [under] federal law they do the 25 years if they're sentenced to it. They're not getting out earlier," Postal Inspector Dennis Griswold said. "Besides that, since the was a gun used ... there's another five years for that."

A customer found the victim in the back room after the robber had fled. The victim's description is the only one investigators have to go on.

Anyone with information on this crime should call postal inspectors at910-762-3212, or the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at910-483-8477.

This incident is the first post office robbery in Cumberland County since 1994.


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