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Edwards, Democrats Are Hoping for a Victorious Night

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RALEIGH — At the North Raleigh Hilton, Democrats are getting ready to celebrate what they hope will be a victorious night for John Edwards.

Edwards exercised his right to vote at Root Elementary School Tuesday morning.

Supporters are really optimistic that John Edwards is going to walk away with a win Tuesday, but they are not celebrating yet. They are trying to get everyone who has not voted out to the polls, because in this race, every vote is critical.

Edwards also hopes the voters will do their best to elect him as their senator Tuesday. He says voter turnout is key in what promises to be a very close race.

"I think turnout is important," Edwards said. "I think it's very important that people vote not just for this election and for me, but I think it's important that they participate in democracy."

But democracy also includes freedom of speech. During the campaign, Edwards often found himself the brunt of negative ads created by his Republican opponent Lauch Faircloth.

After the long, often gruelling and expensive campaign, Edwards says now all he can do is wait.

"Just waiting for election results," Edwards said. "I mean there's not a great deal we can do at this point. I got home last night after going all the way across the state, touching voters all over the state."

Edwards says his biggest regret is that he did not get the opportunity to debate his opponent during the campaign. Faircloth declined Edwards' invitation to a public debate.


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