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centralXpress.com Wins Iris Awards

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RALEIGH — The National Association of Television Programming Executives(NATPE) has awarded WRAL-TV5 twoIris Awardsfor a locally produced dramatic series for teens.

centralXpress.comis WRAL's completely original dramatic series targeted to teens and their families. The "True Colors" episode won the prestigious Iris Award for Best Children'?s Program and Individual Achievement for Writing and Producing.

The show's writer/producer David Creech is particularly honored by this award. NATPE judges solely on the show?s merit, regardless of market size. "So our show competed on a national level. We're thrilled to be chosen among that kind of competition."

The award-winning episode was part of WRAL'sFacing Racepublic service project.

The show chronicled a social experiment: having an African American middle school student and her Caucasian classmate switch places for a weekend, each living in the other?s home. Both girls confront their fear and ignorance of unfamiliar cultures and develop new awareness that binds them together.

The three other episodes of centralXpress.com have won a total of five regional Emmys.