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Gas Wars Drive Raleigh Motorists to the Pump

Posted November 20, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Gas prices across the state are down, but unless you have driven on Capitol Boulevard, you probably have not seen them the lowest - 81 cents a gallon.

When an East Coast station came to town a couple of weeks ago, other stations in the area had to drop their prices just to stay competitive.

"We've got the best prices on Capitol Boulevard, besides East Coast," gas station employee Keir Melvin said. "We're close to each other in price."

As one station's prices drop, so do the others. With prices coming down, drivers are filling up.

"I'm glad to find it for 82 cents," customer Richard Evans said. "It's the cheapest I've found in town."

Even motorists who do not need gas are stopping by and topping off their tanks. Motorists like Janice Schreck, who are spending a lot less than they did the last time they filled up. "It's 13 cents difference per gallon, so that's good," she said.

A lot of people are taking advantage of the gas war because it may not last forever.

"I wish I had something that I could put some gas in, so I could keep it at this price for awhile," customer Cpt. Steve Smith said.

North Carolina AAA says the average gas price across the state is 98 cents a gallon, which is the cheapest it has been for the Thanksgiving holiday since the 1970's.