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Some Extra, Smaller Bodies Showed Up at Work Thursday

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FAYETTEVILLE — Because of National "Take Our Daughters to Work Day", there were some extra employees at the office today in some companies. But it's no longer just girls who are taking part in the ritual.

Take Our Daughters to Work Day started six years ago after a study revealed a drop in self-esteem in girls as they approached adolescence. Now, the event has different meanings for different families and some of those families include sons.

For the past three years, 11-year-old Maria Huskey has gone to work with her mom on this day. She says it's provided valuable experience.

Mary Anne Huskey is a Customer Service Agent for US Airways. She wants her daughter to see what she does at work, but she says it's also an opportunity for a shy 11-year-old to build her self esteem.

Critics of the concept say the confidence booster is great, but not worth missing a day of school. They say why not take daughters to work during the summer or on spring break?

Cathy Mansfield is a supporter of the concept. She says they could do that, but it might not have the same effect.

Fort Bragg expanded the day to include sons. Organizers also expanded the mission. In addition to boosting self-esteem, they hope children such as Josh Eldreth learn what about the jobs their parents do. Josh says he found out about the helicopters his dad works on.

CWO James Eldreth says he enjoys the benefit of bonding with his son.

At Fort Bragg, many of the children who opted to take part in the day didn't get off easily. They will have to do a report on what they learned in the workplace.