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Cary Group Raises Funds, Awareness for Breast Cancer Research

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CARY — The fight against breast cancer kicked into high gear in Cary Monday. Some women are jumping around to get their muscles moving and raise money for research along the way.

Almost everyone knows someone, a friend, a relative, a co-worker or a neighbor who has breast cancer. That is why one group of women have gotten together to "Workout for the Cure." They are raising money for breast cancer research, and they are raising awareness.

Most people workout for themselves, but one group of women are working out for others. They are raising money to help fight breast cancer. Some of the participants have even fought breast cancer themselves.

Breast cancer slowed Peggy Wagner down, but now she is starting to exercise again.

"Early detection isveryimportant," said Wagner. "I found my lump myself, and I'm glad that I did instead of waiting for it to show up on a mammogram."

Mary Lou Buscemi who organized the fundraiser says exercise helped her deal with her own cancer treatment.

"You have to live while you're getting treated," Buscemi said. "You have to live as normally as you can."

Besides helping women get through breast cancer, there also are studies which show that exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent it.

"There is an association between greater risk and women who have excess body fat, so exercise may reduce body fat content. Perhaps that is the relationship," said Oncologist Kenneth Zeitler.

"It's never too late to start, and there's a definite link between your health and exercising as we know," said aerobics instructor Amy Grazen.

The money will be distributed through the Rex Cancer Center. Even if you missed the class, you can drop off a donation at the Pulse Health Club in Cary throughout the week.

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