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The State Revokes Chapel Hill Kinder Care's License

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CHAPEL HILL — A day care center with a history of child neglect charges could be out of business by the end of the month, and many parents are searching for a new day care for their children.

"I will have to find another day care tomorrow," Gillian Gentry said. "It'll be very difficult. It took me six weeks to find this one."

The state revoked the license of the Kinder Care Learning Center in Chapel Hill after uncovering new problems.

State officials said they revoked the license because of a history of problems at the day care, including a recent incident where an employee put ear drops into a child's eyes.

"I'm shocked. I'm very upset that they wouldn't say anything to us about this. Obviously my child comes first," said Leslie Lee, a parent.

This latest investigation stems from an incident back in June. State investigators say an employee placed ear drops prescribed for one child into another child's eyes by mistake.

Then, investigators say that child did not receive proper emergency care.

One investigator also said that five years ago, a 5-year-old diabetic child had an insulin reaction, and Kinder Care employees did not seek proper emergency care then either.

The investigation also revealed that medications inside the facility were not locked up and were accessible to children.

This is not the first investigation here. In fact, there have been ten citations for child neglect here in the last ten years.

Kinder Care now has thirty days to appeal if they want to keep their license. However, the center can remain open during that time.

The employees involved in the ear drop incident have been let go. Reporter: Todd HauerPhotographer: Greg Clark


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