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Post Offices Feel the Last Minute Christmas Mailing Crunch

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RALEIGH — The letters and boxes are flying at post offices and packaging companies. During the last-minute holiday crunch, the post office receives around 150 million letters and packages a day.

Everybody at the mail distribution center in Raleigh is working hard to make sure all the mail gets to its destination on time, but will it really make it?

It's closing time at the North Hills Post Office.

Brenda McDougal has just stepped up to the counter with her Christmas packages.

She says last minute mailing is part of the spirit of the season.

"I want to see if I can make it. To see if I can do everything on time," said McDougal.

That's why at the Triangle's main mail distribution center, hundreds of employees are working around the clock to catch up with the rush.

They are sorting Christmas cards and all kinds of packages. Their job is just a little harder this year, because most of us were pushing the envelope when it came time to mail those Christmas surprises.

"This year, no one seemed to get into the spirit. I think maybe the weather had something to do with it. Everybody has just been waiting and waiting," said postal supervisor Alvetta Callis.

So, will our procrastination end in frustration on Christmas morning?

"They probably will make it, because we are delivering Priority Mail on Christmas Day. It's a good chance they will make it no matter where it's going. But after Tuesday, it will be tough," said Callis.

If you are still procrastinating, the answer to all your problems will probably be Express Mail.

Postal officials say Express Mail should get everything there on time, because they will be delivering on Christmas Day.

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