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Durham Boy Defines Spirit of Christmas With His Gift to Others

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DURHAM — It is the spirit of giving that makes the season so special. But most will admit it is hard not to think about what they will be getting. That's especially true for children.

But it's what makes 10-year-old Christopher Dudley's gift to others so special.

This heart-warming story will not be complete until the week of Christmas at the Durham Rescue Mission.

The story begins in the heart of Christopher Dudley, a fourth-grader at North Raleigh Christian Academy. He turned 10 on Dec. 2.

"This was going to be my last big birthday party, and I thought maybe I should give instead of getting for a change," said Dudley.

"I have gotten a lot of presents for my birthday. Somewhere around maybe 50 or 60 just for my birthday," Dudley explained.

Whatever the number, Christopher gave it all.

"It was yesterday all of these came in and it just overwhelmed me, and these toys that Christopher gave us will be given out to the homeless as they come, and they wouldn't have toys otherwise," said Ernie Mills, Durham Rescue Mission director.

"He said, 'It's better to give than to receive,' and he just broke me down," said Dudley's father, Mike.

"The more you give, the happier you are," Christopher Dudley said.

"It's just wonderful to hear a 10-year-old boy say something like that," said Mike Dudley.

But don't cry for Dudley on Christmas morning.

"I'll be getting stuff for Christmas. Believe me, I usually have an average of 20 presents for Christmas," Dudley explained.

Dudley's gifts to the Durham Rescue Mission will no doubt bring smiles to many young faces on Christmas.

But the mission director says they still need more toys, hams and volunteers for their big Christmas party on Dec. 23.