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Warm Weather May Mean More Bugs for the Holidays

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RALEIGH — There's a chance your Christmas tree could be adorned with some living ornaments this holiday season.

Most insects that like to live in Christmas trees die during the Fall frosts. But anN.C. StateForestry professor says this year's unseasonably warm weather may enable some aphids and red spider mites to live longer.

"I don't expect a large number, but I expect to see a few calls come in where people have located these aphids," Dr. Craig McKinley says. "They're very easy to notice. And they're certainly not desirable."

McKinley says the bugs can be a nuisance crawling on your Christmas presents, but he says the worst they can do is stain your carpet if you step on them. McKinley suggests vacuuming the bugs up, instead.

Tree sellers like Darrell Worley say despite the heat they've noticed no extra insects this season, except for the easily noticeable praying mantis eggs.

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