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Raleigh Police Try to Crack Unsolved Murder with Re-Enactment

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RALEIGH — You see crimes re-enacted all the time on tv shows that try to solve mysteries. Now, for the first time, the Raleigh Police Department is getting into the act. They're determined to crack an unsolved, year-old murder .

Raleigh police take pride in their ability to solve homicides. Currently, about six cases remain on the books going back nearly 20 years.

One is the murder of a homeless man from last summer. Its a relatively low profile case, but detectives are using a high profile medium to help them find the killer.

Just over a year ago, a body was found under the Boylan Avenue Bridge. That's where 29-year-old Francisco Carrasco-Guitierrez, a homeless immigrant, was viciously murdered.

Raleigh police are attempting to use tv to find the killer.

"This medium has always been the most powerful way to get information out there and we're trying to take advantage of that," said Raleigh Police Capt. Michael Longmire.

Using information from a witness, officers recreate the murder. A man approaches the sleeping victim with a small caliber rifle, then fires repeatedly as Guitierrez tries to run.

"There is no family or friends in the area who are pushing the follow-up," said Longmire. "This is generated by our department. We are interested in solving the crime."

A key to the investigation is the 9-1-1 call made shortly after the murder from a pay phone at the Colony Shopping Center on Six Forks Road.

Caller: "Hello? Is this 9-1-1?"

Dispatcher: "Yes it is."

Caller: "There's been a murder committed by the railroad tracks directly adjacent to the central prison. You'll find a man there in a red short sleeve shirt and blue jeans with black and white sneakers that's been shot to death directly adjacent to the concrete plant."

Anyone who recognizes the voice on that 9-1-1 tape or have any information that may help police should contact Crimestoppers at919-834-HELP.

Local cable access helped police put the video together. As for whether police will try this method again, they say they'll make that decision on a case-by-case basis.


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