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Apex Man's "Stan-O-Lanterns" Redefine Creativity

Posted October 29, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— When some people see a pumpkin, they think of pie. Others see a jagged tooth, square eyed jack-o-lantern. A man in Apex sees something more than most of us.

PhotojournalistRick Armstrongshows us how Stan Atwood creates his "stan-o-lanterns"

"I've always been interested in pumpkins since first going to the state fair when I came toN.C. Stateas a freshman many years ago.

"You could not do this with your kitchen butcher knife. So these little carving tools that have come out over the last several years make pumpkin carving much easier and give you much more flexibility in the designs you can do.

"I usually make my patterns from photographs or Halloween cards that I see things on.

"It usually takes me anywhere from a half hour to two hours to carve these patterns out depending on how complex they are.

"The one I'm working on now is the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, and I'm doing the Wizard of Oz characters.

"I've got the wizard done. I guess he's the honorary wizard this year. But I don't think he's the wizard of Oz. I called him the wizard of weather. I guess we can guess who that might be." Indeed we can. It'sGreg Fishel.