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Man Convicted of Killing Jordan's Father Breaks His Silence

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FAYETTEVILLE — Five years ago this week, James Jordan, the father of basketball star Michael Jordan, was shot and killed. Daniel Green, who changed his name to Lord Uallah, is one of two men in prison for the murder.

Wednesday, for the first time, Green discussed the last moments of James Jordan's life with WRAL reporterMark Roberts.

Daniel Green, or Lord Uallah, as he likes to be called, was recently transferred from a maximum security facility, Central Prison in Raleigh, to a prison work farm about 100 miles from Raleigh.

Green never took the stand during his trial. But now he's explaining his side of the story.

Daniel Green's new home is Caledonia Correctional Institution. A 7,500 acre work farm in the rolling fields of Halifax County. His prison job is picking sweet potatoes and loading hay. But, the man convicted of killing Michael Jordan's father claims he shouldn't be in prison.

"I did not kill Mr. Jordan, no sir," Green said. "I did not kill him; that's cut and dry. It's not like I was even there when he was killed."

In court documents and prison paperwork, he's Daniel Green. But, he claims to be a Muslim and prefers the name Lord Uallah. Whatever the name, he says his co-defendant, Larry Demery, is the man who killed James Jordan. During the trial in early 1996, Demery said Green was the trigger man.

"He said you did it," reporter Mark Roberts asked. "How do you feel about Larry Demery?"

"I feel that both of us are pawns in a game," Green said. "Of course, I'm upset for the way he did it."

Green admits he drove Jordan's red Lexus and had his ring and watch, all gifts to the elder Jordan from his superstar son. He also admits he helped dump James Jordan's body.

"It's been almost five years to the day since James Jordan's body was pulled out of the swamp," Roberts asked. "Does this date in time mean anything to you?"

"I think about it everyday... everyday," Green said. "I think about it; it's not a yearly thing; it's everyday that I wake up in the morning."

The department of correction says Green has 12 serious infractions on his prison record. He says that comes from defending himself against prisoners who are Michael Jordan fans, and from the prison system.

"Administration's trying to cause situations to occur where I would either be killed or would kill somebody, and then that way they could say, 'Oh see. Now didn't we tell you he was violent,' " Green said.

Green wrote a letter to the Jordan family, explaining his version of events and apologizing for what happened. They did not respond.

Michael Jordan's agent said that he has no comment. WRAL-TV also tried to interview Larry Demery, but he turned down the request.


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