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NCSU Offers Sober Celebration

Posted February 20, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Hangovers, health problems, drunk driving, broken families -- there's no question that being reckless with booze is a good way to hurt somebody. With that in mind, some NCSU students decided to enjoy Saturday's UNC game without alcohol.

It was the first time students gathered inside Reynolds Coliseum to watch the Wolfpack on a giant TV. A group called ACTION -- Advocating Choices Through Increased Options Now -- opened a new option for students who chose not to particpate in game-day drinking. The coordinator of the event, Stephanie Geiger, says that getting soused results in some heavy consequences.

Hundreds of students watched the game, played their own games, and listened to former Wolfpack player David Thompson talk about the dangers of alcohol. It seemed to be a big hit with students, like Christine McNally and Steven Helvig.

Saturday's event was the first in a series of parties where students can enjoy themselves without booze.