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Celebrate the New Year at Home Sweet Home

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RALEIGH — Times Square will be filled as usual. The lighted ball will drop as revelers huddle against the wind and cold. However, you do not have to go out to have a good time.

A lot of VCRs will work overtime New Year's Eve, according to one local video store.

"We close at eleven, but since most people have the day off, it's busy during the day," says Adam Vincent with Blockbuster Video.

Pizza delivery services were also busy. It is a great way to avoid drinking and driving when the munchies run low.

"Earlier today we had a 25 pie order for lunch, and we'll have some more of those this evening too," says Rich Reynolds with Dominos Pizza.

How about Chinese? Now that's a great way to celebrate the New Year, and save money.

"You know they don't want to make reservations," says Josh Farmer with Chinatown Express. "They may spend three hours in a restaurant and they know they can just stay home and relax, and we'll bring it to you. So we actually do a lot of business on New Year's Eve."

Some people will fire up their computers and watch live camera shots of New Year's celebrations around the country too.

Or if you've thought ahead, there is nothing at all wrong with curling up with a good book.

When you look at it like this, staying home seems like a good idea.