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Fayetteville Senior Citizens Find Security In A Telephone Call

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FAYETTEVILLE — When cold weather hits, we all hear the common advice, "check on your plants, pets and the elderly."

One police department is going a step further to make sure our senior citizens remain safe, not only during the winter, but all year long.

A simple phone call gives senior citizens who live alone, including Marilyn Cashion, a sense of security.

Every day, a computer at emergency dispatch calls the 77-year-old to make sure she is okay.

If she does not answer or if the line is busy for an extended period of time, an alert is printed, and a police officer is immediately dispatched to the home to check on her.

"There are so many people in our community who do not have someone who can check on them on a regular basis. This gives us a way to do that," said advocate Norma Hall.

More than 100 elderly and disabled residents in Fayetteville currently receive the daily call.

The Are You Okay Program has now expanded to a 24 hour service. Some senior citizens like the calls in the morning, others would rather be called at bedtime.

Cashion has a history of heart problems. She takes comfort in knowing her call will come in the morning, in case something happens to her overnight.

"There's somebody else you can reach for who is reaching you in a time of crisis," explained Cashion.

Two senior citizens have been reached in time of crisis. Their lives were saved.

If you live in Fayetteville and would like to be a part of the Are You Okay program, or if you would like to register a family member, you can call910-433-1849.

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