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Military Families Share Their Holiday

Posted December 24, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— It's never fun to be away from your family for the holidays. Many soldiers at Fort Bragg aren't deployed, but they still are unable to spend their Christmas with loved ones.

The Bispo children can't get enough of their new Christmas toys and their special guest.

Private First Class Anthony Beck is on restricted work detail at Fort Bragg and can't go home to Arizona for Christmas. His first sergeant invited him to his home for Christmas.

"I probably would have been bummed, no family," Beck said. "All my friends are with their families and I'm all by myself so I'm glad I came today."

First Sergeant Luis Bispo says he has invited young soldiers to his home for the holidays before. Many other soldiers with families here do the same thing.

"It's pretty bad when a person has to stay in the barracks by himself or herself," sympathizes Luis Bispo.

Sometimes new GIs can't afford to go home or they have to work. Whatever the reason, soldiers like Beck, who is away from his family for the first time, appreciate the invitation.

"It kind of brightened up my day knowing I'd be a part of Christmas," Beck said.

The Bispo family says its the spirit of the season.

"Sharing, giving and family because family is far from him and if we can give him a little, I think it's good," said Marie Bispo.

Beck is hoping to celebrate a late Christmas with his family in Phoenix next month.