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Golden Corral Serves Dinner to the Needy

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RALEIGH — Employees and volunteers at a Raleigh restaurant showed their giving spirit today. The Golden Corral on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh opened its doors to hundreds of hungry people and served Christmas dinner on the house.

Volunteers served Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and ladled on an extra serving of cheer at the Golden Corral. They served up 600 pounds of turkey and 400 pounds of ham to 1000 people.

The "Christmas at Glenwood" dinner has become a tradition at the Raleigh-based restaurant.

"It was a way to give back to the community. It was a thank you, and we're in the restaurant business so it was a natural thing for us to provide meals for the needy," said Irwin Roberts of Golden Corral.

Dozens of volunteers have also made this meal a part of their holiday tradition. Ethel Biddle has spent Christmas day here for 10 years, and says she wouldn't miss it.

"To see the happiness and the people as they go out. They've had a good meal and then we have the packages of fruit to take with them and they're always so happy," Biddle said.

The Baileys are among those happy faces. They've had Christmas dinner here for the past eight years.

"We look forward to it. Every year when Christmas is around the corner we look forward to coming here," said Linard Bailey.

Hundreds of people were bused in by church groups, making this the largest Christmas dinner the restaurant has ever served. They're grateful for the volunteers who made it possible.

"They give up a whole day to come out here and take from their families. I wouldn't mind doing it myself," Nell Bailey said.

It's that giving spirit that makes Christmas dinner possible for so many need families.

This is the 21st year that Golden Corral has hosted the "Christmas at Glenwood" dinner.