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Fayetteville Thieves Target Female Holiday Shoppers

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FAYETTEVILLE — Thieves in Fayetteville are preying upon women who put their purses in shopping carts. Police say it should serve as a warning to all female shoppers during the holidays.

Police say even during daylight hours an unsuspecting female shopper can have her purse taken.

"It does bother me," shopper Robin Adams said. "It scares me because everything I own is in my purse from credit cards to I.D. cards."

Most shoppers take extra precautions to keep from becoming victims, especially people who have been through the experience before.

"Someone did take my purse, they grabbed it and took off with it," shopper Joan Holden said. "It made me realize how easily it could happen, and as careful as you are, it can still happen."

Police offer several tips for shoppers who carry purses. First, never lose sight or control of your purse, and if you have a strap make sure you keep your purse over your shoulder.


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