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Cary Thieves Bag Clubs

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CARY — Cary police are on the lookout for some thieves with very expensive tastes.

The thieves are interested in one thing -- golf clubs.

"They were right back in here and all he had to do was lift them out," an astonished Sue Jusnes explains.

Sue Jusnes is one of several Preston residents hit by golf club thieves Sunday night.

Cary police say burglars stole $14,000 worth of clubs from seven homes between midnight Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday.

Most of the clubs were taken from garages or, in Jusnes case, the back of a Ford Explorer. As captain of her Community Watch program, she's stunned.

"Especially with children, and especially right out of our driveway. There were other homes where they went into occupied homes while people were sleeping, went right into their garage. It's very scary."

Jusnes' Explorer, like most of the garages, was unlocked that night. Cary police believe the burglars cased out the neighborhood during the day, then came back to get exactly what they were looking for.

"They're targeting very expensive golf clubs. In fact, they'll leave regular golf clubs behind," said Lt. Steve Lee of the Cary Police Department.

Police believe there's a ready market for selling expensive clubs. They're asking used sporting good stores to be on alert. And they're asking homeowners to start locking their doors.

"These are crimes of opportunity. They see the opportunity and they take advantage of it," Lee said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cary Crimestoppers at 460-INFO.

Police are offering a $2500 reward.


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