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Triangle Reacts to Attacks

Posted December 15, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Moments like military attacks are etched in people's memories. It is hard to forget where and what you where doing the first time the U.S. attacked Iraq, and Wednesday was no different.

Within a half-hour of the strikes, almost everyone on the street knew the military attack had begun.

As missiles were blasting their targets in Iraq, many Americans were sitting in their cars during rush hour traffic.

Patty Reynolds from Roxboro was one of them. "I wonder about the timing, with it being so close to the impeachment hearings," she said.

Within just a few hours, protesters gathered at the Raleigh State Capitol.

Steve Woolford organized another small group on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. "Whether you are killing people by starving to death or by dropping bombs on them, people can decide for themselves which is the meaner way to do it," he said.

Along the same street, Tom Merz and a friend were pondering what was happening overseas, over a cup of coffee.

"From what I've heard already, it's bad over there," Merz said. "Now, the bombings are only making it worse for the entire population."

The protesters at the Capitol say they plan to be out every night that the attack is going on, as long as it may continue.