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Fayetteville City Council to Vote on Traffic Cams

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FAYETTEVILLE — You may want to think twice before you run another red light. You may get caught by a camera and not by a police officer.

The Fayetteville City Council will vote Monday whether to install cameras at busy intersections. Local police believe the cameras can be where they are not.

It does not take long to catch a motorist running a red light at any of Fayetteville's busy intersections. Police say it is a huge problem.

"They are not thinking about the safety aspect at all, just mainly getting to their destination," said Rickey Waters, a traffic enforcement officer.

To make sure they get to their destination safely, Police Chief Ron Hansen would like the city to install cameras by various traffic signals.

The cameras would record the license plate number of anyone who runs a red light. A ticket for about $50 would be sent to violators in the mail.

It is a civil penalty, so the citation would not affect your insurance rates or points on your driver's license. But Hansen believes hitting people in their wallets will make a difference.

"The awareness by itself may cause people to be a little more cautious," Hansen said.

TheCity of Charlottestarted using the traffic cams this year. Police there have seen fewer crashes at intersections, and the number of accidents caused by people running red lights fell by 38 percent.

Last year, Ken Glowacki's vehicle was hit by motorist running a red light. He thinks the cameras are a great idea.

"There will be less accidents, and maybe it will bring our insurance rates down," Glowacki said.

If the council does approve the cameras, the city will then need to ask theGeneral Assemblyfor legislation allowing them to use the cameras.

Because of issues like that one, it could take up to a year before motorists running red lights are caught on tape in Fayetteville.

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