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Williamson Has Relocation Hearing

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — December 14, 1998

Wendell Williamson, the former UNC-Chapel Hill student who went on a deadly shooting rampage three years ago, is in court again -- this time for a hearing to reassess where he's been domiciled.

He's being held now at the Broughton State Mental Hospital in Morganton, but the family of one of his victims wants Williamson moved to what they say is a more secure facility.

The family of victim Kevin Reichardt made the request, and they were well represented at the hearing today -- his parents, his coach and some of his former fellow players attended the hearing.

The issue is whether Williamson should be moved from Broughton to Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh.

His behavior while incarcerated at the mental hospital seems to be a central point.

A Broughton psychiatrist said on the stand that Williamson was found drunk inside his locked ward. She said he probably consumed about a pint of vodka while in this locked ward. His blood alcohol registered a .11 and, under North Carolina law, you are legally drunk behind the wheel at .08.

Williamson's attorney countered that this was all brought on by stress from the case and that Williamson did not display any aggressive or violent behavior during the incident, which happened about a month ago.

The judge asked the state psychiatrist whether visitors are checked when they enter Broughton and the answer was no, that there are no means for doing so.


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