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Motorists Find an Early Christmas Present at the Gas Pumps

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GARNER — Fill 'er up! Prices at the pump will leave you with a little extra jingle in your pocket this holiday season. You may have noticed that getting around is getting cheaper.

Many people are talking about gas prices at the pump. At 76 cents a gallon in Garner, people say they have not seen prices this low since...

"Oh, I can't remember. I have no idea. It's been a long time," said salesman Jimmy Dean.

Dean travels 40,000-60,000 miles a year in his car. And with prices this low, he says the money is adding up to an extra $15 a week.

At 76 cents per gallon, prices have dropped so low that we're actually paying more in taxes than we are for the gas.

"Right now it's running over 50 percent in some locations depending on what you pay," said Gary Harris of theN.C. Petroleum Marketers Association.

Gas taxes in North Carolina account for 21 cents of every gallon. Adding another 18 cents for federal taxes, the total comes to 39 cents.

So at 76 cents per gallon, we're paying more in taxes than we are for the actual gas.

And, experts say there's no sign of motor fuel prices rising any time soon. So the best advice to you is enjoy it.

If you think gas prices are low here, just cross the border to South Carolina.

At some filling stations, a gallon of gas is going for a low 69 cents.

Right now, North Carolina has the highest motor fuel prices in the southeast, and we rank 19th in the nation.

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