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Raleigh Shoppers Add to Impeachment Debate

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RALEIGH — With just two weeks to go until Christmas, most people are more concerned about crossing names off their shopping list than keeping tabs on politics. However, almost every Christmas shopper Saturday had an opinion on the subject of impeachment.

Day care owner and mother Gail Richey says it is Clinton's family she feels for. "I feel sorry for his daughter. She's the one who is affected most by it."

Retired teacher Lyle Lewis offered his opinion while he waited for his wife to finish shopping. "I feel like he lied, and he committed perjury. He lied under oath, and to me that's an impeachable offense."

Lab technician Debbie Ort wants her kids to see Clinton get punished. "That's what I try to tell my children, if you make a mistake, you come right out with it, and you'll come out better for it."

Farmer Virgil Barrier owns a Christmas tree farm. "I think he should be treated just like any other citizen. If he's done something wrong, he needs to be punished."

Farmer Sheila Barrier wishes everyone would just change the subject. "Well I wish they would just drop it. The man made a mistake. He's not the first one, and he probably won't be the last one."

The subject of impeachment is not going away just yet. Everyone is sure to hear a lot more about it before the full House votes next week.


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