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N.C. State Shooting Death Leads to Community Meeting

Posted December 9, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— The shooting death of an N.C. State student last month is spurring sorrow into action. Residents in the southwest Raleigh neighborhood say they want something done about the students' noisy, drunken parties.

Thursday night, about 100 residents, lawmakers and school officials met at the University to try to find some common ground.

"The problem is not necessarily the students, it's educating everybody," resident Dennis Perry said. "It's educating the student of what their responsibility is in Raleigh."

Several students showed up to the meeting to voice their opinions despite having exams this week.

"I think we need to reach everyone a little more as far as understanding each other a little bit further," says Jenny Chang,N.C. Statestudent body president. "There are some simple solutions like students could clean up their yards."

The recent death of Neil Davis Jr. may prove to be the catalyst for change.

"We can make something positive come out of that," said Benson Kirkman,Raleighcity councilman. "We need to get even 10 percent of the population here to understand that we all need to work together."

Change may come soon. A newRaleigh Policesubstation is scheduled to open in three to four months, along with a shopping center at the corner of Gorman and Avent Ferry Roads.