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Bowl Bound? Don't Forget the Ticket

Posted December 1, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— The Triangle has caught college bowl fever, and a lot of fans will head to theLas Vegas Bowlto seeUNCor theMicron-PC Bowlin Miami to seeN.C. State. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation wants to make sure fans have their tickets in hand before they go.

For football fans, the best place to catch the excitement on the field is in the stands, especially at bowl time.

"I think [the bowl] is a great thing," Wolfpack fan Brad Merritt said. "I hope there's a lot of student support down there. I'm planning on making the trip myself."

A lot of students atStateandCarolinawant to make the trip. So each school is working with travel agencies on package deals. State is working with Cary Travel. UNC is working with ITG.

"We try to give as many options as we can to the football fan that's traveling to follow the team," travel agent Mike Pope said.

ITG's package to Las Vegas includes air, hotel, transfers to the game and more, but what it does not include is a ticket to the game.

"[The ticket] is something that we have left up to the experts, the people who market the tickets through the university athletic department," Pope said.

ITG would rather not include game tickets in their packages, but some tour companies do.

Ever since someUniversity of Wisconsinfans were scammed in 1994, federal officials have issued warnings about all-inclusive packages. In the Wisconsin case many fans showed up for theRose Bowlonly to find that the tickets their travel agent promised them did not exist. Experts say the best advice is to beware.

"Know the tickets, know that the tickets are there and insist that the tickets be delivered with your other travel documents, which you should receive before you travel," Pope said.

Federal officials say if the ticket is included in the trip, fans should insist on getting it before they go. If the company will not provide it in advance, they should at least get written confirmation. The best advice is to buy the ticket directly from the university.