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Tent City Operating at Duke

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DURHAM — Tent City is up and operating at Duke.

Diehard Duke fans who want basketball tickets have been prevented by new rules from setting up the so-called "Krzyzewski-ville" (named for Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski) until 10 days before a game.

But with the Florida game just days away, the tents now have gone up.

Students say it's not just about the tickets. It's also about tradition and fun.

Move-in night is fun. For five freshmen, it is something of a rite of passage.

"This is an 18-year-old tent that I managed to pull out of my basement," one said.

"I am really excited about Friday and Saturday nights out here in Krzyzewski-ville. It should be a nice time, everyone will be here together," Ryan Bednarczuk said.

Bednarczuk and his friends plan to spend 10 nights in the Tent City, under the moonlight in their nylon home, tent No. 35.

Their goal? That their sacrifice will get them good space in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Other students are right behind them. But this is not about competition; it's about tradition.

But reality also sets in.

"This tent smells really bad," one student ruefully admits. "But we are hoping it's going to air out, out here in the leaves. Whoever is going to sleep in it the first couple nights is just going to have to endure it."

Tent Number One is in great shape. The occupants, and all others in Tent City, can leave their temporary homes to go to class, use the bathroom and so on. But they have to be in the tents 48 hours before the game to get the prime tickets.

And yes, they brought their textbooks.

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