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First Day of Background Checks for Gun Buyers Causes Some 'Hold Ups'

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FAYETTEVILLE — Because it's also hunting season, many of you have guns on your wish list. But this year it will not be as easy to make a purchase.

Monday marked the first day of a new phase in the Brady Law. As a result, all gun buyers must go through a national background check. But what is supposed to take minutes, in some cases, is taking hours.

Christmas season and hunting is a double whammy for rifle and shotgun dealers. The new F.B.I. background check is designed to be instantaneous, but some customers say it has been anything but that.

"It took me close to three hours. But, it's going to cost gun dealers a lot of money, because a lot of people would have left when I stuck around," said rifle buyer Adam Gregory.

The new background check is free. If you already have concealed, carry or hand gun permits, you are exempt. For many, Monday was hit or miss.

"Some went through very easily. Some did not. Their computer system was down a couple of times today. So it required a callback," said gun retailer Wayne Shugart.

Operators of the instant check system will have three days to approve or deny an applicant.

If you are denied, you can appeal.

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