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Furby Fever Heats Up In Triangle

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GARNER — There are a lot of toys that talk the talk, but none like the Furby, this year's hottest holiday toy.

Furby Fever hit the Triangle well before the busiest shopping day of the season.

The stuffed toys retail for $30 each, where they can be found. In the papers and on the Internet, they sell for $200 and more.

Super KMart Store Director Stan Wishard says the Garner store gets calls for the Furby all the time, sometimes as many as 100 a day.

So why is the Furby so popular?

When you first play with it, it only speaks it's native tongue -- Furbish.

But the Furby is a fast learner. The doll quickly picks up English, up to 800 phrases, and that's the majority of its appeal.

Each doll has its own name and personality.

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