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A Fatal "Run from Himself" Ends Dreams

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FAYETTEVILLE — Barbara Ousley had great dreams for her son William Anglin. But they came to a crashing halt the night of November 17.

"I always told William he was destined to do great things and make a positive influence on people's lives," Ousley says.

Police say her 16-year-old son was driving a stolen car with its headlights off. When an officer tried to pull him over, police say he sped off, crashed the car into a telephone pole and died.

"He was not running from police or his family, he was running from himself," she says.

Ousley says she noticed a change in her son about a year ago. He dropped out of school, started hanging around with older friends and stopped talking to her.

She believes he was under a great deal of peer pressure and, despite family support, succumbed to society.

She hopes other teenagers will realize the risk they are taking by living on the edge.

"You know right and wrong, and the consequences of doing the wrong thing may be your death," Ousley warns.

She also hopes her son's death will make parents realize that they can never do too much. She doesn't think she failed as a parent, but wonders what she could have done differently.

I'm not hurt because I was hurt when he was alive," Ousley says. "I am at peace now.

The night before William Anglin's death his mother said she and her son filled out an application to attend a boot camp-style reform program for troubled teens.

She said her son had committed to changing, but the fatal wreck intervened.

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