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Student's Attorney Talks About NCSU Shooting

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RALEIGH — Ten people face a variety of charges from this past weekend's shooting death of anN.C. Statestudent.

Getting kicked off of a team or suspended from school may be the least of their problems. For the first time, someone is speaking out on their behalf.

There are a lot of people charged in the case. So far, none of them are talking, so it is hard to know what really happened.

An attorney who represents one of the football players says these are students who had everything, and now have everything to lose.

The attorney for 20-year-old Harold Jackson says his client was a local football hero in his Pennsylvania home town.

At N.C. State, Jackson scored a touchdown just last weekend. Now he, along with 5 other students, faces charges in connection with the weekend shooting death of 21-year-old Neil Davis.

"I think I can speak for all of them. It's a traumatic experience. It's devastated them. This is an event that obviously just got completely out of control, out of hand," said defense attorney Sam Currin.

Police say the initial confrontation occurred at a party hosted by three members of the N.C. State women's gymnastics team.

The women, along with the three football players and two wrestlers have all been suspended from their teams.

"These kids are going to have to work through this, re-focus their priorities and get their life back in order," said Currin.

Currin says his client and the other students have been suspended from school but will be allowed to take their final semester exams.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys will try to sort out the complicated series of events.

"Certainly my client will be truthful. I hope others will be as well. In the end, the truth will come out, and justice will be served," said Currin.

Currin says that right now even the attorneys do not have all the facts. Until they do, he will not be deciding which way his client will plead.

The suspects are due back in Wake County Superior Court on Dec. 14.

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