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Brady Law Means Longer Wait For Gun Buyers

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WILSON — A permanent version of the Brady Law takes effect Dec. 1, and as a result, most buyers will have to wait five to seven days before getting a gun.

The legislation is designed to make it more difficult for criminals to buy guns. But even the innocent will face additional background checks.

Lori Wiggs of the Wilson County Sheriff's Office explains the change. "We'll be doing our regular national background check," Wiggs says, "We'll also be doing an extensive background check at our local mental facilities."

Other than the delay, the rules for buying a gun will remain the same. First, gun buyers should go to the local sheriff's office for a state permit. After that, they can go to a dealer.

Gun dealer Paxton Peters supports the background checks but expects some gun enthusiasts to buy now so they can avoid the wait.

In fact, Peters has put his handguns and locks on sale until the day the law takes effect.

Peters says, "They're real popular for Christmas presents, and just this time of year, a lot of hunting. It's just that we sell a lot of guns this time of year."

Many people are surprised to hear about this new version of the Brady law. Most thought it was already in effect. But that was a temporary version. Barring an act of Congress, this law is here to stay.

The new law also covers the sale of rifles and shotguns.