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Neighbors Report Big Parties Normal, Violence Not

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RALEIGH — One of the big questions surrounding theweekend shooting death of a N.C. State studentis what role did alcohol play?

Police believe the incident started when the victim fired shots in the direction of a rowdy party. While big college parties nearN.C. Statelike the annual Brent Road bash are not uncommon, the gunfire is new.

"The parties are pretty loud," neighbor Jennifer Churchill said. "They're just typical college parties that last until 2 a.m., 3 a.m., sometimes 4."

People who live around Hunter's Club Drive where Sunday's shooting happened say while wild parties are the norm, violence is not.

"I think what happened last weekend was an isolated incident," neighbor Josh Jones said. "You don't hear about stuff like that happening. You might hear of a fight, but never someone pulling a gun and shooting at people and things like that."

In the past year, Raleigh Police have responded to the 4300 block of Hunter's Club Drive 32 times. Four of those calls involved complaints about loud parties.

N.C. State is concerned about the role alcohol plays at the off-campus parties. "The more you drink alcohol, the more it's going to affect you because alcohol is a drug," NCSU Health Educator Chris Austin said. "We tend to forget that or we underplay it."

TheN.C. State Code of Student Conductsays that the University can discipline "students whose behavior off-campus poses a potential danger to others, to self or would otherwise disrupt the campus environment or adversely affect the University."

This policy means that students who get into trouble with the law may also lose their privilege to attend the school.

The University could suspend the students involved in Sunday's shooting.

All students who are cited for alcohol violations must go through the school's alcohol education and training program.

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