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Wilson Teen Killed in Shooting

Posted November 18, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— A 17-year-old is under arrest, charged with the first degree murder of a 15-year-old Wilson high school student Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, Kenneth Cox made his first appearance in court.

Wilson police say Arturis Daniels knew his attacker. After getting off his school bus with two friends, he was walking along a foot path through the woods on the way to a nearby shopping center.

The victim had just stepped on the path when police say 17-year-old Kenneth Cox jumped out of the woods and demanded money. The two struggled before Cox allegedly fired two round. Daniels died after taking a shot to the chest.

Witnesses say Cox yelled, "Give me the money," before pulling the trigger.

"From the information we received and the statements that were made at the time this occurred, the victim and the suspect knew each other," Wilson Police Lt. Carlton Turnage said. "The suspect may have known the [victim's] route, and was waiting for him as he got off the bus."

The victim was a student at Beddingfield High School. The suspect apparently dropped out of school.

Counselors are in place at Daniels' school to help his former classmates cope with the loss.

"The events of yesterday were not related to school," said Wilson School Superintendent Dr. Larry Price. "The student does have family and friends and other folks that aren't in school. Any time we have students that are seriously injured or killed, we have a process that we contact counselors. They are always there."

Neighbors say students and adults walk along the path every day.

"A lot of people are retired here and there are some families here," resident Larry Thompson said. "It's really quiet. There are a few kids that walk through here, but they are good kids. It's really a great neighborhood."

Some believe that the woods camouflage illegal drug activity, but most residents were surprised that a murder happened in the neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon.

"When I heard he died, it shocked me," resident Brandon Lucas said. "I didn't think that a 15-year-old would get shot for nothing at all."

The victim was transported to Wilson Memorial Hospital, where he died soon after.