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Wilson Man Strikes It Rich Using an Atlantic City Slot Machine

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WILSON — The next time you pull out your checkbook to pay the bills, imagine never having to do the math to see if anything is left.

One Wilson family is a million dollars richer, a pay-off from a weekend slot-machine adventure.

You cannot really blame Bobby Taylor for not going to work Monday. The Wilson man just won more than one and a halfmilliondollars.

It all happened in Atlantic City Saturday night. After dropping about 300 bucks into his favorite slot machine, his luck paid off.

"Lights started flashing, people started running. I started hollering and everything. It was just a great feeling. I never felt that good in my life," said Taylor.

"He motioned for me to come over there, and I asked him what was wrong. He couldn't tell me what was wrong. I said 'what's that then?' He said 'that's what I won.'" said Faye Taylor, Bobby's wife.

The construction company owner says he will use some of the money to buy a new house. He's giving his current house to his daughter.

In fact, he's giving away a lot. He's planning to give some money to relatives, some to a Wilson drug treatment program and some to his church.

Longtime friends say it's just like Taylor to think of others first.

"I guess that just comes from the way we were brought up. You know, always put church first no matter what, and it just goes to show that he's a good person," said Taylor's friend, Charles Wiley.

Taylor says he'll take care of the money by paying off some bills and putting his son through college.

He doesn't expect the instant income to lead to any other changes. The new millionaire plans to keep right on working.

The tax man has already caught up with the Taylors. The family had to pay part of their winnings Saturday night before heading back to North Carolina as the state's newest millionaires.

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