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Pope Airman Convicted, Sentenced to One Year in Prison

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Airman Scott Williams was convicted today(WRAL-TV5 News)
POPE AFB — Airman Scott Williams was sentenced to a year in prison with a bad conduct discharge. He was reduced in the ranks, and his pay has been forfeited.

Williams' attorney still believe that he is not guilty, but considering a conviction of rape and child pornography, they say they are satisfied with the sentence.

Williams was convicted early Monday of raping a woman he met through the Internet.

Shortly before lunch the jury reached a decision, after four hours of deliberation. They found Williams guilty of rape, not guilty of assault, not guilty of kidnapping and guilty of child pornography.

The jury needed only 30 minutes to decide the sentence.

Last October Williams met the woman at a hotel in Mississippi. His attorneys claimed that she changed her story after family members learned she was having sex with Williams in the hotel. She was married.

The defense also claimed that Williams only confessed after being pressured by special agents.

Prosecutors said the victim was indeed raped and the jury agreed.

Williams and his family wept in court after the verdict was announced.

Defense attorneys say that they have a real problem with the way the case was handled from the beginning. They say there is room for improvement, and they will appeal.

In the meantime, Williams will be sent to a military prison in Virginia.


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