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NC Honors Military on Veterans Day

Posted November 10, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Ceremonies honoring North Carolina and America's veterans were held Wednesday morning at the State Capitol. For many people Veterans Day is a day off work, for students it's a day off school.

In Raleigh, Veterans Day was dedicated to honoring and remembering the people who gave of themselves in service to their country.

Rain made the parade a somber event. No bands played. Only cadences paced young marchers.

The parade focused on the youth - future sailors, soldiers and airmen. The hardy supporters of veterans of World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East waved flags and watched.

For some veterans, this day is not what it used to be. Hugh Bannart, a World War II veteran explains. "At the beginning it used to be very popular and a lot of people used to come out," Bannart says, "but it seems to be fading away." Others feel veterans are generally respected.

Veterans and politicians, as they do every year, paid homage to fallen comrades, and all who served their country, at ceremonies throughout the country, throughout the day.