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Local Gulf Veteran Discusses Current Military Buildup

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FAYETTEVILLE — The Department of Defense has ordered 16 F-16 CJs from Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina to deploy to the Gulf. One Fayetteville man knows exactly what it is like to fight against Saddam Hussein.

Retired Staff Sergeant Robert Walker is a decorated Gulf War veteran, and offers a unique perspective on the current situation. Like many other veterans Walker believes these military buildups would not happen if Saddam Hussein had been toppled during the war.

"Here we go again," he said. "Back to the same old drawing board. I just feel that if we had taken care of business the first time we wouldn't be going back again."

Walker agrees with the Gulf military buildup, and he thinks a quick strike would be the most effective strategy.

"I hate to say this on Veterans Day, but we need to go ahead and beef it on up," he said. "And you know the military taught us that when it comes down to a problem, the best way to correct the problem is on the spot."

While in the Gulf, Walker served with an 82nd airborne infantry division. If Bragg troops are indeed sent to the Gulf, Walker offers advice to soldiers and their families.

"Stay prayerful, expect the unexpected and just go over there and do your job," he said. "And for the families that are left back here, the same thing. Just stay prayerful and continue to support the families and support the soldiers that are over there."

The Department of Defense is expected to reveal if North Carolina troops will join the buildup in the next 24 to 36 hours.


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