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6-Year-Old Fights Off Potential Kidnapper

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SANFORD — Sanford police are searching for a man that tried to kidnap a little girl near her bus stop several weeks ago. There is also another incident that may be connected in the same area.

Police say a man with a knife tried to lure a 6-year-old girl into a car on her way home from school.

Andratta Bomar got off the school bus on Marks Street. She had almost made it to her front yard when police say a man pulled up beside her in a black car and asked her to get inside with him.

Andratta said that the man told her, "'I like little black girls and little white girls.' He said, 'I got some candy.'"

Andratta fought back by kicking and biting him until she got away. She then ran into the house and locked the deadbolt on the door.

"I screamed and then I kicked him," Andratta said.

"It was shocking because you never think something like that will happen to your child," mother Erika Smith said. "If my daughter didn't have sense enough, I wouldn't have her today. I'm very lucky."

Smith says more than two weeks after the incident, police interviewed family members and realized this man who preys on children is still on the street.

"We have beefed up officer patrol in the area to keep an eye out for the type of vehicle that we are looking for and the type of person we are looking for," Sanford police detective Billy Rogers said.

Police are looking for a black car with red markings on it. The suspect is a white male with a blond crew cut who drives around in the car with a white dog in the back seat. Police say the suspect may use the dog or candy to entice children.

Police are still investigating the second incident in Sanford to determine if there is a link to Andratta's case. Reporter: Todd HauerPhotographer: Chad Flowers