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Worker Finds Human Skull in Rocky Mount Pond

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ROCKY MOUNT — A mystery in Rocky Mount has investigators gathered near a pond. A skull was discovered Monday in the water. Now, police officers want to know where the rest of the skeleton is and how the remains got there.

A worker from a nearby metal company was taking a walk along the edge of the pond when he saw what looked like a human skull facing up toward him from under about four feet of water.

When Rocky Mount detectives arrived, they saw the same thing. And for now, they are leaving it right where it is.

"That's part of preserving the crime scene," said Rocky Mount Police Lt. J. Wayne Sears. "You do not disturb anything until you are in a position to make sure that when you do disturb it, you preserve it and not destroy it."

Police have brought in heavy equipment to pump enough water out of the pond so that investigators can search the muddy bottom for any other remains, any weapons or any evidence that could help them solve the mystery that, for now, is under water.

"We've got some more remains to find. If this is a human skull, then where's the rest of the body? If it is here, then we want to make sure we do not disturb it. If it is not, then we have a larger, broader search to conduct," said Sears.

Officials hope to have more answers Tuesday. Reporter: Todd Hauer


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