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Gun Shops Ready for Law Change

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RALEIGH — As of the end of this month, a new system of instant background checks takes effect across the country. This means gun stores will have immediate access to criminal records. For customers it could mean buying a gun will take a little longer.

For sport, or for self-defense, guns are popular in North Carolina. Right now, at Davis Guns in Raleigh, customers are in a hurry to get their hands on one.

"There's a rush on long guns to where our employees are getting overtime the last week of this month. All of our employees will be working seven days open to close," said Dallas Britt, a salesperson.

The rush is on, because in three weeks, a new national instant background system will hold rifle and shotgun buyers to a higher mark.

Right now, customers can buy long guns without undergoing a background check.

Come November 30th, one phone call to a federal phone bank, and Dallas Britt will know a lot more about the person on the other side of the counter.

"What this will aid in is keeping criminals from coming in who would want to lie on the form," Britt said.

The check could take a few seconds, or up to three days.

According to prospective gun buyer Charles Overcash, "I think that any checks you can have are a good thing. What you want to do is have more education, more checks, keep the guns out of irresponsible hands."

Britt feels the checks are good. "In the long run, I think it will make people feel safer because we will know the person who is buying this gun," he said.

In regard to handguns, background checks are already required to get that firearm or a pistol.

When this new system takes effect, handgun buyers can get an instant check at the store, or apply for a permit as they do now.


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