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Waiting for Money Can Be Frustrating

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville State University students tell horror stories about getting their financial aid for this upcoming spring semester.

A big gripe was standing in line for hours.

"I mean I was in there from 11:30 in the morning until 6:30 at night. I missed a class and I missed a dinner," said FSU student Kristina Jones. "So it was very frustrating. Especially with all that chaos that was going on in the office."

The chaos includes the firing of the director of financial aid, in part for the late disbursement of aid money.

The financial aid office has also had a tremendous increase in the number of students whose financial aid records are being verified.

"We had an inordinate amount this year. Some 600 or so, and as a result of that the paperwork had not gotten in and we're in the process of clearing all that up right now," said Perry Massey, of the Academic Affairs Office.

"Last year we already had award letters. We already had our financial aid. Everything was ready all you had to do was turn in an award letter and you were fine," recalled Cordelia Howell.

Not this year. Students who have lived through the nightmare say the best advice is to get to the financial aid office early and make sure you have all your paperwork signed and on hand.

"Patience, patience, and they have to go through the process," said student Lashinda Thomas. "A lot of students get frustrated saying 'I'm not doing this I'm not doing that. I want my money and I don't feel like I have to go through this.' But if you go through the steps you'll get your money and everything will work out."

About 80 percent of FSU students get financial aid so this affects almost the entire student body.


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