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Faircloth Predicts Victory by 3 Percentage Points

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RALEIGH — The Faircloth campaign plans to throw a victory party at the Brownstone Hotel tonight, but they are not celebrating yet.

They know they are in a tight race where every vote counts.

Senator Lauch Faircloth voted in his hometown of Clinton Monday morning. Faircloth knows he is in a tight race with Democratic challenger John Edwards, but he is predicting he will win by three percentage points.

"We've talked to a lot of our people this morning," Faircloth said. "They're turning out. The turnout's good. We're well organized all over the state. We expect to win tonight."

The Faircloth campaign is not taking any chances, though. They're working the phones Monday, reminding their supporters to get out and vote.

"We're upbeat. I think the difference, it's been mentioned here today, is turnout. Our people are motivated, and they're excited," said Faircloth.

Faircloth ran an aggressive, often negative campaign against Edwards. With the hard fought race behind him, Faircloth says he would not have done much differently.

"You can always look back at a two year political race," Faircloth said. " A lot of things you would have done differently, but I don't know any of such great significance that I remember them."