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Faircloth Flies Around N.C. To Gain Support for Tuesday's Election

Posted November 1, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Senator Lauch Faircloth criss-crossed the state by plane Monday, speaking to supporters in five cities as he tried to drum up last minute support in a race where every vote counts.

Senate majority leader Trent Lott is stumping for his pal and colleague, Republican Senator Lauch Faircloth. Lott is the latest Republican heavy-hitter brought in to boost Faircloth's bid for re-election.

Faircloth minces no words as he contrasts himself with his Democratic opponent, John Edwards.

"A conservative businessman against a super liberal personal injury lawyer. The difference is clear," Faircloth said.

"Please do not give Bill Clinton another big-spending, super-taxing liberal in the Senate. That is exactly what he wants," Faircloth said.

Voters say they are sick of the negative ads which have dominated this race. But Faircloth has used them to repeatedly connect Edwards to President Clinton.

Faircloth's supporters say honesty is key.

"I think he's a good, honest and moral man, and I think he's done a good job the past six years since he's been in," said Faircloth support Angie Chevallier.

"He's been strictly honest with a conservative approach. He votes conservative, and that's what I feel we need," said Faircloth Supporter Jim McDonald.

But what both parties really need is for their supporters to get out to the polls.

"I think the intensity with the voters is in our favor this year, and they're going to turn out in huge numbers," said republican congressional candidate Dan Page.

The Carolina Poll done by the UNC News Service predicts that only about 30 percent of registered voters will go to the polls Tuesday. That means it is critical for each party to inspire its supporters.