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How Ghoulish Could They Be?

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CHAPEL HILL — Well, pretty ghoulish, it seems. Also cute, snazzy and sexy -- depending on which Halloween costume you were looking at.

It's become an annual tradition. Ghoulish grown-ups from all over dress up, grab their friends and head to Chapel Hill to party Halloween night away on Franklin Street.

This Halloween was no exception -- it was a virtual sideshow. Crowds were variously estimated from 20,000 to 80,000, some of whom drove in from Washington, D.C.

Some "celebrities," kids, even dogs were in costume.

The scene on Franklin Street was reminiscent of Mardi Gras.

People were having a great time, adopting other identities, including those of washing machines and trees. Some were devils, cadavers, ghosts or just plain spooky looking, and had fun giving other people "the shivers."

The police shut down the street to vehicles, and the party lasted until 3 a.m.


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